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Image by Zach Miles

Going the extra mile to deliver above and beyond expectations

Image by Zach Miles

James Grey International is a second-generation search firm; the offspring of successful headhunting and entrepreneurial DNA.  Defined by passion, dedication and perseverance, we go the extra mile to deliver above and beyond expectations.  We are uniquely qualified to engage and deliver exceptional talent, finding the individual who stands out from the rest with highly coveted skills and qualifications that make him or her integral to a client’s success.

As a “boutique” search firm, we guarantee full attention and dedication to every search. We tailor each assignment to ensure the most efficient and successful solution.  Our role is to be a consultant and strategic adviser by providing judgment, market intelligence, and insight, not just a list of names.


Our deliberate approach marries careful consideration and efficiency for on-time delivery of the industry’s top professionals and leaders.

We take the time to thoroughly understand our clients’ objectives, strategy, operating structure, organization and culture.  Based on these findings, our firm determines the profile of skills and background required for the position, and then, working discreetly and with the highest standards of integrity, identifies and evaluates the candidates most appropriate for solving our clients’ business challenges.

A thorough evaluation of potential candidates, combined with in-depth client knowledge, ensures that we bring forward the most suitable individuals.

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  • Research organization and position

  • Collaborate with client on key requirements for the role 

  • Build out search strategy 


  • Identify and engage prospective candidates (LinkedIn, database, referrals, etc.)

  • Conduct interviews 

  • Prioritize top prospects


  • Present top prospects with comprehensive details

  • Coordinate candidate interviews

  • Debrief with clent to determine finalist

  • Assist offer negotiations

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Professionalism and confidentiality are at the root of our success in creating successful, long-lasting partnerships with clients and candidates alike.

Our business is relationship-driven emphasizing the value of every contact and interaction. We thoroughly understand the importance of these relationships, which bleeds through the cloth from which James Grey International was passionately cut.

Our most valuable assets are our reputation and record of performance.

We accept assignments only if we are confident that we can complete them to your satisfaction and to our standards of professionalism.

Confidentiality – We are committed to excellence in our interactions with you and other parties with whom we have contact. We will not compromise our relationship or your confidence by revealing privileged information.

We serve as ambassadors for your organization. We are committed to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct with potential candidates. We are committed to the unwavering pursuit of top candidates, while exhibiting the finesse required to gain their respect and confidence.

Image by Ussama Azam
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